Why We Need to Detox

Detoxing is making all the rage lately, and for good reasons! Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the body. Your body is constantly detoxing via the help of your major detox organ, the liver. But we also have our gut, skin, lungs, kidneys, and lymphatic system working around the clock removing toxins. Any sluggishness or disruption in one of those organs can cause toxins to build up and cause suboptimal health.

Do you need to detox?

If you’re living in the city, exposed to car fumes, have constipation, don’t drink enough water, or don't exercise enough to break a sweat at least three times a week, chances are you have toxins building up in your body. In a perfect world, our bodies would be able to cleanse on their own without support, but the reality is we don't live in a perfect world. We’re not designed to be inhaling car fumes, or eating bleached flours, or drinking water that has residues of hundreds of medications. We throw toxins at our bodies all day and they’re doing the best they can to keep up, but once a year giving them a helping hand can make all the difference in your health.

Common symptoms of toxic build up:

- Stubborn weight retention

- Headaches

- Acne

- Fatigue

- Brain fog, or memory impairment

- Constipation or diarrhea

- Eczema

- Sensitivities or allergies

- Foul smelling breath, sweat or stools

- Unexplainable pain

- Hormonal imbalances

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As a professional primary health care practitioner with a holistic approach, Dr. Caroline Méthé consults with patients of all ages at her Toronto clinic. Her approach as a Naturopathic Doctor in Newmarket treating children, digestive concerns, and running a general family practice is to focus on root-caused diagnosis followed by effective, evidence-based treatment plans.