Take the Daily Dozen Challenge and build your own meal plan

As a medically trained, naturopathic doctor in Toronto, a healthy diet is critical in my patients’ holistic treatment plans.  

However, I don’t like to burden my patients with a strict meal plan that doesn’t allow creativity or flexibility.

In order to better incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into your life that will be not only be sustainable but also enjoyable, you need space to create your own eating plan.  

I have discovered a great way to help you, thanks to Dr. Michael Greger, a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety and public health issues.

He created the “Daily Dozen Challenge” which lists 12 foods and the size of their servings that you should incorporate into your own eating plan to stay healthy.

I was excited to discover this challenge and even more ignited that a plant-based medical doctor came up with such a simple yet effective way for patients to know that they could hit all of their macro and micronutrient needs in one day.

Dr. Greger created this challenge to show people how easy it is to fit some of the healthiest foods into their daily routine. He created an app called “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen” where you can check off each food group as you eat them.  

To stay motivated and accountable, I challenge you to have a friendly competition and see how many of the items you can check off daily, and compare with a friend at the end of the week!

Here’s the link to the challenge page on his website:


Try it and let me know how it is working for you!

As a professional primary health care practitioner with a holistic approach, Dr. Caroline Méthé consults with patients of all ages at her Toronto clinic. Her approach as a Naturopathic Doctor in Newmarket treating children, digestive concerns and running a general family practice is to focus on root-caused diagnosis followed by effective, evidence-based treatment plans.