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Do you feel like your current treatment protocol is not getting your health to where you want it to be?  

Hesitant to trying the next medication and want to try something else first?

The first and only Ulcerative Colitis program created and ran by a Naturopathic Doctor

This program is for you if you are currently suffering with Ulcerative Colitis and are ready to take control of your health.

The Ulcerative Colitis Protocol is a comprehensive 2 month long guide with 7 video modules that will go over what to eat, supplements, and botanicals to finally get you into remission. 

We'll be hosting 2 Live Q&As to get all your questions answered.

We will also go over what UC is, how and why it develops in certain individuals so you can get a deep understanding of your body.
This is a not a quick fix, nor is it just symptomatic relief.  We are addressing the root causes of UC: inflammation, food triggers, microbiome dysbiosis, gut lining irritation and much more.


Module 1: Eliminating Ulcerative Colitis Trigger Foods

Module 2: Incorporating Ulcerative Colitis Healing Foods

Module 3: Balancing your Microbiome

Module 4: Healing the Gut Lining

Module 5: Reducing Inflammation

Module 6: Restoring Nutrient Deficiencies

Module 7: Building Up Resiliency & Life in Remission

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